Monday, 4 February 2013

Get Involved

On our website there are some practical suggestions to help with discernment. One of them is to get involved:

"Get Involved in some form of service with the Church. For example, outreach to the poor, teaching religious education, lecturing at Mass, taking Holy Communion to the sick, working with the young of a parish, etc. are ways to give one a taste of “ministry” and may also increase one’s desire for ministry and service."

Over the last few years I've worked in youth ministry through NET Ministries. In my four years with the ministry I travelled around Australia, lived in communities with other young Catholics and shared my faith with young people around the country.

                                                                         Presenting to young people while serving with NET

Its funny how when we put ourselves in positions of service that the person we help the most is ourselves. Throughout my time with NET I learnt about myself and how I relate to God and to others. I did a lot of growing up: as a young man trying to figure out life and find direction, serving with a ministry helped me find my “faith bearings”.

Volunteering for a year, helping out in your Parish or youth group or committing to some form of service is a great pathway to discovering God’s calling for your life. Go on, step out and commit to something, it’s worth it!

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