Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Don't forget your roots!

Yesterday I visited Trinity College at Beenleigh, which also happens to be my old stomping ground. Not only did I attend my five years of high school at Trinity but I spent all my teenage years in the neighbourhood.

I got to chat with the Year 11 and 12 students at their respective year level assemblies. They all started at Trinity years after I finished there, so most of them didn't even know who I was. This is the sixth year since I graduated and while many of my old teachers would cringe at me saying this; as the students reminded me: I'm getting old!

I think I shocked them at first, using words like "priest" and "nun" in the same sentence as "have you ever thought about being a ___ ?" Judging by the looks on their faces I think they were all thinking the same thing: "is this guy for real?"

Presenting to the Year 11 students in the Library

The answer is yes, I am for real. Our society places so much emphasis on WHAT we do (our occupation is our preoccupation). WHO we are often takes a back seat in our life.

Hopefully the students were able to take something away from what I shared. I know for me it was a blast getting to go back to my old school and catch up with my old teachers. 

I want to leave you with something I shared with the students: dare to take a courageous step, to ask God "where do YOU want me to go?" Just imagine the possibilities: God made the whole of creation, imagine what he could do in your life.


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