Wednesday, 21 August 2013


I have a basketball game 9 hours. I take a deep breath and shrug my shoulders. It's going to be a long day.

It's 10:02. I'm alone. Our office is empty. The neighboring offices are empty. Every sound echoes like a big, bass drum throbbing inside my skull. There's a light bulb in the ceiling behind me that's blinking. Incessantly.

Mick from Catholic Mission comes over. He asks a work question. He leaves. I'm alone again. With the blinking light.

10:04. Office remains empty. Conspiracy theories run through my head. Am I about to be kidnapped?

10:05 Sunlight streams through the windows and interrupts the bright, white fluorescent lights glaring from above. That's right - there's a world outside.

10:06 Check the mail. Nothing. Check the emails. Nothing. Check the mobile. Nothing. Check the Vocations Facebook. Nothing. Check my Facebook. Farmville request..........REALLY? How come nobody asks the question when I'm in the office?

10:08 Decide its time to stop being a depressed blogger and plan that workshop for the Ignite Conference.

Just for the record, this is not a usual work morning in the Vocations Office. This is an exaggerated account for the purpose of making a point. I promise I'll actually get back to work once I post this! But.........Have you ever had a slow day? If the above account didn't already indicate it clearly, I'm having a slow day. The question I ask myself - and perhaps a question you can ask yourself - if the present is a gift, what's is the gift of now?

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