Friday, 15 November 2013

Happy Ever After

I used to think life was all about the happy ending
"It's coming any day now and when it does I'll be cruising"
Until then I was content with abusing my capability to choose
And I was obsessed with my right to fulfilment through consuming
Snatching, grabbing, using, taking
This is my life, happiness is my remuneration
I deserve grace, I deserve love, I deserve joy, I deserve freedom
What right do you have to deny me my rightful possession?
Me, me, me – no space for God, or for my brethren
No space for anyone but myself in my version of heaven
I didn’t realise with each selfish breath I was taking
I was stealing life from those who were needing, bleeding, breaking
I was rich in goods, but poor in charity
I would confess my sins but not learn mercy
Too consumed with being clean that I was afraid to get dirty
God bless me, yes please, but don’t ask me to get messy
Trust me, that’s no way to be living,
Yeah you might survive but you arrive in a lonely destination
Stop denying your calling to engage in creation
You were placed in this space for the fulfilment of salvation
See, I realised that my life has a greater calling
I’m challenged to rise up and out of my fallings
I can’t and won’t hold back, I’m all in
I’m running instead of crawling; now soaring towards the dawning of a new day, 
I’m talking about a new way to think, to live and be
Listen to what I say: we are set free
Free, not for self but to live generously
In the same way that He died to provide a redeeming guarantee
He rose so that we don’t have to live like we’re dead
See, we work for profits, but our souls are stuck in the red
We mould our bodies, and let physicality cajole our heads
We turn to money to get ahead, but our debts weigh us down like lead

Just stop.



Listen to the air fill your lungs, life is here
Stop feeding the lies, stop fuelling the fears
Hope and trust again, let your dreams become your prayer
Imagine what you could do if you unbound your life
If you lived by Truth instead of unfounded lies
You would save lives, change minds, create lifelines if you just realised
That your powers are magnified by the Way, the Truth, the Life
See history is His-Story
And the mystery is He’s calling
And He’s drawing on your gifts to be
The change that reveals His glory
God’s Grace is about show and tell
It’s not just for me, for I or for self
We have to learn to leave our pride on the top shelf
Before our pride leads us all to hell
Stop selling yourself short
Telling yourself it’s not worth it
See, while you’re lying to yourself your brothers and sisters are hurting
Because you’re holding on to the life they’re so desperately yearning
If you haven’t figured out what I’m saying
Let me make it clear: you have a vocation
A Divine calling, a mission:
Lived witness, evangelisation
It doesn’t matter how much money you make
The abbreviations or letters at the end of your name
Or even how many sins you carry in shame
This game is about claiming lives for Christ’s name
That’s why I dream
I dream about how different things can be
Because currently the scene is splitting at the seems
Screams are busting out of those broken dreams
It seems to me that we've deemed life to be unredeemed
Gleam from that what you will
But what I see is a world un-still
All shook up and twitching til we’re hooked up with the next un-enriching thrill
But that hunger in your gut, that yearning deep inside
It’s fed up and had enough so stop trying to hide from life
Before the life blood within you has all dried
It’s better to know failure than to know you never tried
I’m unsatisfied
My tongue is dry but my appetite has been whet
I’d rather be alive than be the walking dead
I want to drift behind if it helps someone get ahead
I want to realise joy before I die of dread
God, the Church, the World, needs you
But it doesn’t need the you that is consumed in you
Because the you that only cares for you can only serve you
And all the other “you’s” in the world miss out due to the you that’s focussed on the you instead of all the other “you’s”
Do you follow?
What I’m saying is this: broaden your horizons, stretch your embrace
Vocation is facing up to God and the rest of the human race
So for God’s and others sake, stop pursuing your own case
You will never know freedom if you cling to first place
In the midst of obsession, depression, the lack of discretion in self-expression,
Our aggression and stress when processing in congestion,
Or even our regression or suppression in many of our transgressions
My suggestion is that we ask a question: Where am I going?
I have to be honest with you though
I’m still scared of how far I have to go
What will I have to surrender in order to follow?
What if I’m too young, too dumb, too broken, weak or slow?
Hello! That’s the point I'm making, it’s not my happy ever after I should be seeking
That mentality needs tweaking
Because the Kingdom of Heaven is freaking awesome (at least that's what I'm expecting)
And in the end, I think that Heaven on earth is a far better ending.

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