Wednesday, 9 October 2013

I will be light

Sit back
And in these days 
Remember my ways 
Oh will I get out of my cage? 
Yes I am a slave 
Searching for some freedom 
Searching for some freedom 

As I'm sitting back racking my brain for an idea for this this blog, I have Matisyahu stuck in my head. Cue inspiration. Dude is a musical prophet, and if you haven't heard him before I insist you check out his stuff. But back to those lyrics: Searching for some freedom. What am I enslaved to? Too often, I'm enslaved to unimaginative, limited, black and white thinking. Stuck in how things should be done instead of how things could be done. I'm talking about the way I look at the world; you know, that whole cliche about "the present is a gift" and what not, but am I really making the most of every opportunity? Heck, do I even recognise every opportunity? Yes I am a slave, a slave to the boring, flatline existance offered to me by society.

So intend to sing them 
Songs to spark, memories 
What is a man with no history? 
Where am I ? 
Who am I ? 
What is this place?, 
We're just spinning in space 

What is a man with no history? What sort of question is that? Yet, sometimes I live my life ignorant of the adventures that have brought me here in the first place. I squander away minutes living a comfortable life, but it was going out of my comfort zone that got me so far in the first place! I'm just spinning in space.

I will be light 
I will be light 
I will be light 
I will be light 

Have you ever shone a torch in an already lit up room? Its pointless. And it looks silly. Shine a torch in the dark and you might find something. Something uncomfortable, confronting or challenging. If I'm going to be a "light" it doesn't make sense for me to spend all my time in a metaphorical lit up room when I can be a light to those who dwell in darkness!

Time will continue without you 
So in the end 
Its not about you 
What did you do? 
Who do you love besides you 
Beside you, many died in the name of vanity 
Many die in their mind's eye, for justice 
We die for you 
And still do 
So I say to you 
This is nothing new

Time will continue without you. Too often I get caught up in "what I'm going to do with my time?"...But time isn't mine. In fact, my life is just a blip in the whole existence of the world. I'd like to think people will remember me and talk about me after I'm gone. Or maybe they'll find some stupid selfie from my instagram. In the end it's not about you. Who do I love besides me? Or is my life just about expanding the membership of the Adam Burns Fan Club and increasing my number of friends and followers on Facebook/twitter/instagram/this blog?

I will be light 
I will be light 
I will be light 
I will be light 

To whom and for what? It's all well and good to say "I'm going to make a difference in the world" but how and where and whose life will be different because of yours. Because surely getting to Heaven is more than living a morally good life and ticking all the boxes. Remember the Rich Young Man?

Its one tiny moment in time 
For life to shine, to shine 
Burn away the darkness 

You've got one tiny moment in time 
For life to shine, to shine 
To burn away the darkness 

one tiny moment in time

I've written posts before about getting over yourself, about living to your full potential and about how we view the world. I know for me its easy for a "tiny moment in time" to get passionate, to write a blog and feel like I'm saving the world, but then slip right back into living comfortably until the next tiny moment. Living a meaningful, God-inspired life is challenging when the world makes it so easy to just exist. All I can do is to keep trying to make those "tiny moments" last a lot longer.

Oh, and here's the song:

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