Monday, 15 July 2013


When we were in Fiji it felt like there was a learning experience around every corner. I mean, in life there's always something more to be learnt; but when you pull yourself right out of your usual box of existence you become hyper aware to the existential questions unraveling in front of your eyes. Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, when we were in Fiji we came across a couple of rocks. Yep, rocks:

Ok, so they don't look like much, but these rocks are actually a source of life and renewal. Right now you're probably thinking my head is full of rocks, but bear with me. See these rocks are actually the source of the Sigatoka River. Those rocks produce this:

Essentially the bowl shape of the rocks catches the rain and some funky geology happens and a river is made. Ok, so I don't understand the exact science of it all, but I still think this is uber funky. Other than the fact that these rocks are the source of a major river, there's nothing extraordinary or spectacular about them.

I think we get caught up with the idea that our lives have to be grand and spectacular, like some sort of Broadway Production or Hollywood Spectacular. Actually, there's something already spectacular about life without adding dramatic soundtracks, musical numbers, explosive stunts and special effects. Life is spectacular because God calls us and all we have to do is respond.

Look at those rocks again. All those rocks do is sit there, yet their flow on effect is incredible. Vocation isn't complicated, it doesn't have to be. If a rock can create a river, think of what God can create with you if you just say "yes!"

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