Monday, 3 June 2013

Don't Be A Nudist

Most of us would be familiar with the story of Adam and Eve: God creates Adam, then forms Eve from Adam's side, God tells them they can eat anything in the Garden except the fruit from one tree, the serpent tempts tells them that if they eat the fruit they would know good and evil, so they eat the fruit and the first thing they noticed is that they were naked.

Wait, so they ate the fruit which would reveal to them good and evil and the first thing they noticed was that they were naked.............Right.

Now, obviously this isn't a literal, historical account of what happened in the beginning; but we do understand Genesis as a story of truth; and the truth of humanity is that of all the things we could be shocked or horrified about, we first notice we're naked.

When I went to the Philippines last November what was foremost on my mind was not being with my family; but was on how much weight I was putting on from eating so much rice! Despite being amongst family I so very rarely get to see, I became absorbed with myself. I became obsessed with my "nudity".

I guess we all have "nudity": areas in our life where we lack or fall short. While I know I need to work on these areas to grow in my faith and to mature as a person, there's the trap of becoming obsessed with those "naked" areas in my life, to the point where I miss everything else that's going on around me. If you spend all day naval gazing, how many people will you not see whose lives you could possibly change?

Just check your Facebook. How much of what you post on Facebook is about YOU? I just checked mine and I'm a little bit disgusted by how many statuses and pictures I post about myself. Am I using Facebook as a social network or a social "look at me, look at me!"

Don't be a nudist. I'm not talking about not wearing any clothing, I mean don't get so caught up on those areas in your life where you feel naked. The world has more people in it than just me. If I'm so caught up on my own nakedness than I miss the opportunity to help others in greater need than myself. 

"Whatever you do to the least of these, you do also to me." Quote: Jesus.

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