Friday, 28 June 2013

A few good men

In 2010 I was a young seminarian at Holy Spirit Seminary. I was 19, fresh from the adventures of travel and ministry and excitable as a puppy. As I was beginning my discernment journey I was blessed to be surrounded by “more senior” seminarians to turn to for advice and guidance.

I didn't continue down that pathway, but it’s a great joy to celebrate with the men who do at their ordinations. Certainly, the ordination taking place this Saturday 29th June will be a big celebration as two good men are ordained as priests for the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

On Saturday Deacons Ladu Yanga and Stanley Orji will join the presbyterate, they will be configured to Christ, and they will become shepherds for our Church. And they’re going to do a good job of it too.

During the ordination, the Rector of the Seminary, Monsignor Anthony Randazzo will give an account of these men and their journey to ordination. Both of these men have incredible stories, of journeys that have led them not just to a vocation to the priesthood, but across the world to the Archdiocese of Brisbane. Their lives scream of the sacrifice and service required for the life and ministry of a priest.

I have many fond memories at the seminary with both these men: Ladu’s wide, cheek to cheek smile and contagious laugh, or Stanley’s hospitality as we shared a Nigerian meal. I can’t wait to see them be ordained on Saturday, and I know that they will be amazing priests for our Archdiocese. 

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