Saturday, 4 May 2013

Call him out of hiding

When I look back on my faith journey, I realise the moment that I took ownership of my faith was when I started "playing" (read: loudly thumping) an African drum for our church youth band back in Beenleigh. I'd never played an instrument before in my life (the recorder in Year 4 doesn't count)! Perhaps more significantly, as a 16 year old male I was sticking my neck way out and saying "actually, I do this Jesus stuff" - it was a pretty big deal. 

But why? Why did I risk embarrassment from my obvious lack of rhythm? Why did I risk being seen as actually "into it" by my mates? I'll be real with you: there were some pretty girls in that youth group! Those women are now close friends and cherished companions on the journey. But ask any young guy who is involved in his faith and nine times out of ten it's because there was a cute girl in his youth group 

I don't mean to sound objectifying, but women: you got the power! Check the Gospel accounts, it's women who find the empty tomb and report it to the Disciples - they call them out of hiding.

Sometimes when I hand out Quo Vadis bands or Priesthood Pens, young girls ask me: "what do you want me to do with this? I can't be a priest!" I often (cheekily) tell them to give it to their ex-boyfriend. But jokes aside, give that wristband to your ex-boyfriend - and your current boyfriend and that boy that you would like to be your boyfriend!

I can just imagine the incredulous looks that the women reading this are giving me. "Really, you want me to ask my boyfriend to be a priest?" My response: ABSOLUTELY! 

Fr Morgan Batt (the Vocations Director here in Brisbane) tells the story of when he asked his girlfriend if he should be a priest and she told him yes. Anyone that knows Fr Morgan knows he's meant to be a priest. On the flip side I know many married couples where, when they were dating the girl supported the guy in discerning priesthood, even encouraged him to go to seminary. They ended up happily married with beautiful families.

Ladies, it's win-win. Ask a man to discern priesthood and either:
a) he'll actually be ordained and be an awesome priest who will change the world and serve the Church, or
b) he'll discern he's not called to be a priest and he'll be more ready to give himself fully because of his journey.

Vocations promotion isn't just the job of the Vocations Centre team, we all play a part in building up our Church. So ladies, ask him: "have you ever thought about being a priest?" Encourage him to go to a discernment weekend, here in Brisbane we have the Quo Vadis weekends (the first is in full swing right now as I type this). Mothers challenge your sons, aunt's get in the ear of your nephews, and yes, girls ask your boyfriend. You have the power - call him out of hiding!

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